– Chris (drums)

Chris Condel is like Keith Moon. Only lots more mellow. Nearly a decade as the drummer in the George Wesley Band will do that to a person.

It will also prepare you for all kinds of surprises. Like getting a late night text from Flannery saying “will you join my band” and when asking who else was in it getting the reply “just you….so far”. Oh. Well sure. That’s the kinda guy Chris is. Up for anything as long as it doesn’t suck. And when Wiggy and Lenny signed on he knew it wasn’t going to suck. Or at least that it wouldn’t suck eventually. In the immortal words of Wiggy…..”be prepared ’cause our first few gigs are gonna suck.” That’s experience talking there folks.

Plus Chris just played flawless drums on “Teen Angst and the Green Flannel” and liked Flannery’s songs enough to not skip any of the sessions. Chris is a big fan of Levon Helm, which makes up for his many annoying idiosyncracies, such as drinking all of the beer and living so damn far away.

He’s a pretty private guy, and nobody is really sure what his hobbies are outside of banging the drums. We do know that he’s quite the botanical buff, and can often be found with fellow plant lover George Wesley comparing notes.


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