– Lenny (bass)

Lenny Mecca is the only true rock and roller who can pull off a pair of orange shorts. I don’t think I need to tell you how good a bass player needs to be to pull off orange shorts, but let’s just say he’s gotta be in Entwistle territory. Lenny is. The first time the Shillelaghs played “My Generation” Lenny nailed the solo, and the rest of the band just sorta grew instant grins. None of this “we need to go over it” shit. Just count in and play. He’s there. And he’s a pleasure to be around except when it’s Prom season.

He’s the old man of the group. Wiggy used to do sound for Lenny’s assorted bands when Wiggy was a teenager. They bonded because Lenny used to slip Wiggy the occasional Rolling Rock….his gratitude allowing him to look past the fact that Wiggy had barely reached puberty. Such is how lifelong musical partnerships form. We’re not like you.

Currently a member of “Jigsaw Johnny” with Wiggy, Lenny agreed to join the Shillelaghs after hearing that Flannery was born and raised in Dunmore. Dunmore guys trust each other implicitly….and don’t really have to talk to actually communicate, which is a great trait for a bass player and guitarist when you think about it, especially with that crazy fucker Condel banging away behind them.

Lenny is also relieved that he won’t have to sing lead vocals for 4 hours a night….especially the ghastly songs Wiggy forces him to sing in Jigsaw Johnny….like “Tales of Brave Ulysses” and “Burning for You”. And I’m not even gonna bring up “ABACAB”. Assuming no power grab, these songs will not be on the Shillelaghs set list.

Over the last 25 years he’s been the founding member of “Jugdish”, who then transformed themselves into “Jigsaw Johnny”, one of the best bands in the land.


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