Rehearsal Video

Pretty sure the boys started off either by playing “Jazz Odyssey” by Spinal Tap or a Paul Simon song. Hard to tell. I did not join in because I am not technically proficient enough.

But we soon moved on to the Who. Notice when I asked Chris to “count us in” he had no idea what song I was talking about. That’s one of the cool things about this band.

Trust me….there’s some killer background vocals happening back there. Mics would help but we’ll get to that later. This was our very first rehearsal “proper”…and we didn’t go over anything in the standard way. We just started to play and everybody looked at everybody else to see what was going to happen next. You can’t say that Lenny doesn’t totally kill both the bass solo and them orange shorts. Chris doesn’t drop a stick, and Wiggy gets through two songs without stopping to gulp the beer on his amp. At the end Wiggy’s comment was a very succinct (and prescient)….”that sucked“. Just in case you missed it.

Just ’cause something is fun doesn’t mean it’s easy. In short, don’t try this at home boys and girls.


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