6/19/2012 – some spins and someone that I used to know

Nice review from Mike Naydock at OurTownRadio in Hazelton.

 “Absolutely a dead-zero great album!! Love every minute of it…..kick ass rock and roll as good as anything anywhere”.

Mike’s been playing chunks of it on his show. I’m really honored, especially since Mike is a fellow musician and songwriter.

George Graham from WVIA played 4 tracks last night on his program “Mixed Bag” last night. George has always been a good friend and it’s great to be a part of his play lists at any time.

Alan Stout gonna give it a spin this Sunday night on his show Music on the Menu. NEPA original artists have no more fervent supporter than Alan.

Got boots on the ground trolling for gigs. Band trying to get into fighting trim. Hard with so little time together, but we’ll manage. Lack of rehearsal time is why great rhythm sections and songs with 3 chords (or better yet, 2) were invented. Some guys took guitar lessons growing up. I listened to “Magic Bus” and tried to make the same sounds.

Actually amidst all this madness I realized that I haven’t written a new song in quite a while. Been jotting some new ideas down, and tinkling at the piano….searching for things. I’m not sure what’s gonna come next but I like the idea of concepts. Following someone through a day or a week or a year and writing down what that person sees and hears…and how they feel. A musical narrative. It’s a challenge to tie things together and not have any weak links. I adore a musical challenge. I get bored so easily and sleep is hard to come by, so why the hell not?

There’s this song being played over and over on the radio called “Someone That I Used to Know” (or something like that). I don’t know who it’s by. The dude sounds like the lead singer from “Band of Horses” but it can’t be them. Anyway, it’s the first radio hit I’ve heard in a long time that I actually love. Great hook (it sounds lifted from something but I can’t say exactly what…and that’s really cool) and a really good lyric. The intro reminded me of the movie “Badlands” by Terrence Malick….which is a strange thing to say about a pop song but sometimes I’m reminded of strange things.

Pop music doesn’t have to be lousy all the time. Feels good to know there’s some out there who still know how to craft a good song, and can somehow convince radio they should play it. How do you do that? Lots of guy and girls are doing the first bit. The second? Not so much. This song just jumped out at me. First listen. And hearing that sweet girl sing the line about being screwed over? That’s creepy good stuff.

As a songwriter I love hearing a song and thinking, “I wish I wrote that”. It makes me want to do better.

In a bit..



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