7/2/2012 – Tales from the Clubhouse – vol X

Record has been out 2 weeks. It’s generating a good buzz. We’ve gotten some really cool reviews so far. Check ’em out in the review section of the website.

Thanks to Wiggy’s badgering I created a Facebook page for the band as well. That’s here. Go over and give us some “like” I guess. It’s a good place to bust our balls. Or to tell us we’re really swell. Whichever. Boredom is the only bummer for me.

I’ve been told that we haven’t been nominated for a “Steamtown Music Award”….which I guess is ok since I’ve never heard of the  “Steamtown Music Awards” and I’m quite certain the people in charge of the awards have never heard of Tom Flannery and the Shillelaghs. Not many people have heard of us actually…other than the neighbors on the other side of our rehearsal walls. I’m not sure they’d be in favor of nominating us for anything unless the category had the word  nuisance in it. We can be a bit sloppy, especially when the Lionshead is flowing extra freely…..as it always seems to be when I buy it. Lucky for them (the neighbors, not the brewers of Lionshead….who should give us fucking stock) we hardly ever rehearse.

Right now we’re gearing up for our 2013 winter tour of Scranton bars in the 900 block of Providence Road. Prior to that though, we’ll be outing ourselves at the Naked Grape in Plains on August 24th. CD release party and all that. A cool place with food and cold beer and a great host in Eddie Appnel. Bring your ear plugs. When Wiggy plays with another guitar player he goes batshit with the volume. My Carvin tube amp is deafening at 1.5. The last time we rehearsed I had it up to 4 to hear myself over Wiggy’s monstrous rig….and I was sounding like Jim Croce tuning up in a church choir loft. I’m not sure if Plains has a noise ordinance but….well….I’ll worry about that later. Condel alone can break every glass in the place with one of his manic left to right kit attacks. And I haven’t even talked about Lenny. Even talking about Lenny makes me fear tinnitus.

All this means we may need to turn down some. Or at least consider the possibility. Shudders.

I despise summer. It’s hot as balls outside. I went through two diet cokes while on the riding mower on Saturday (there’s a cup holder, which is as vital as the blade…damn the expense….that’s why we have credit cards). It was agony. Just to cool off I walked around inside Target and found jeans for $15. That last time I paid $15 for jeans I think they were Toughskins and I was 9. Anyway….me and Brett Favre and Dale Earnhardt Jr now wear Wranglers. I have to say that are Real. Comfortable. Never thought there’d come a day when I couldn’t afford a pair of Levis. But $50? Please. No wonder Springsteen hasn’t released any more records with his working class ass on the cover.

So that’s that. As always, when we’ve got absolutely nothing to say, you can find it here. So come visit again.

I’m a shillelagh, and I approved this record…albeit with some serious fucking misgivings.

In a bit..



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