7/25/2012 – Tales from the Clubhouse vol XIII

Tales from the Clubhouse vol XIII

Me and Wiggy took in “The Who: Quadrophenia —- Can You See The Real Me? The Story Behind The Album” last night at the Cinemark. We sat in the middle of a motley collection of beer bellied Who freaks watching Townshend on the BIG screen. His nose must have been a foot long. It was glorious. I asked Wiggy to wear his Doc Martens in Mod solidarity. He did so. Nice guy. Nicer still ’cause the pints of Guinness were on him after the show. We closed the bar at 11pm, which kinda sums up both my advancing age and Scranton as a city that’s been borrowing money and not paying it back since before I was born.

We actually rehearse Sunday night, which should prove interesting, if not downright ghastly. A few new numbers to add to the setlist. And, oh yea…..we’ll be playing the songs from the CD for the first time since we recorded them. Which means I have to learn them even though they’re my songs. I can’t even remember what key they’re in. But that doesn’t make me a bad person.

Recorded a video of me singing “Bargain” for our friend John Giello today. I didn’t use a pick so my finger started to bleed. All in all a productive day.

In a bit..



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