9/7/2012 – Tales from the clubhouse – vol XVI

So yea….I write songs. It’s just what I do. When others are being normal, I’m scratching in a notebook or banging on a guitar.  Since 1998 I’ve written over 500 songs. Most of them I won’t let anybody hear, but some are alright. I’m on a bit of a writing jag now as a matter of fact. Gonna release an acoustic record when all the dust settles. All sorts of stuff. Non-loud. Very un-shillelaghs like. But soft noises can be as good as loud noises. The point is being willing to make noise in the first place.

So I’m trying out some stuff on my website. Come visit.

Gearing up for our gig at Vinnie’s place on the 29th. You’d like Vinnie. He’s swell. And what a head of hair. He runs the bar called the V-Spot. And when he drinks there he actually runs a tab and pays for it. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself. It’s a great rock and roll bar. All sorts of noises can be made in there and the cops hardly ever visit.

Lenny is away sailing the seven seas at the moment. He should be back in time if the sharks don’t get him. Wiggy has been holed up in the control room listening to various people bang on an assortment of drums, so you can’t really talk to him. Plus he’s a Raider fan and their yearly implosion is imminent…which makes him cranky.  Condel has been hanging out on some hippie mountain in the middle of nowhere….wearing tie dye and trying not to look like a narc. I visited him and he was dressed like Ritchie Havens and John Sebastian combined…..and was playing the bongos in the middle of a large field, surrounded by what looked like Manson girls. I think the high altitude is getting to him. But he’s a pro and will turn into Animal from the muppets precisely at 10pm on the 29th. You can set your watch to that guy. The Keith Moon of ragga.

I am a wonderfully, wretchedly, partisan person. I’ve enjoyed immensely watching the goober ticket of Romney and Ryan drill themselves into the ground with a spectacular assault on factoids and uterus’s. These guys are so crooked they have to screw their pants on every morning. Anybody other than a fat white male gabillionaire who votes for these toads needs to be heavily sedated. And possibly neutered. My favorite poll thus far is the one showing them getting 0% of the black vote. Romney and Ryan may be the 2 whitest men alive. And the crowd at the Republican convention seemed curiously devoid of anybody dark-skinned. It used to be blacks and Hispanics were excluded. Now they’d be welcomed with open arms, but won’t be seen anywhere near this crowd. It’s all deliciously ironic….especially someone like myself, who leans further to the left than Eugene Debs.

Well, enough of me raising the level of solid political discourse in this country.  I’d rather play the guitar and write songs than to make fun of Republicans.  What’s extremely fun though, is combining the two.

Ah….but in the end, it’s still all a paper moon, as Jason Miller used to say.

In a bit..



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